New Computing Account

Using a Lehigh University computing account requires that you understand, accept, and abide by all relevant policies.

If your account is already open, change your password at

Complete copies of Lehigh's Policies on the Use of Computer Systems and Facilities are available online through You are responsible for familiarizing yourself with this policy:

Unauthorized use is defined as the use of any computer authorization not assigned to a user for his or her use; and/or any attempt to gain access to a computer or network system for other than legitimate, approved purposes. Each offender will be dealt with on an individual basis, and should expect suspension of computer privileges and possible disciplinary action under standard University rules for misconduct and existing judicial, disciplinary, or personnel processes. Illegal use, including the disclosure of passwords to a computer system, copyright infringement, and the knowing distribution of malicious computer software such as viruses, may be prosecuted under appropriate federal or state law. Other violations to University policy include, but are not limited to, any violation of the University policy on harassment (such as sending harassing memos to other users), as well as abuse of system resources (unnecessary output, chain letters, blocking of communication lines, etc.).

Library and Technology Services (LTS) Help Desk - (610) 758-4357